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Our commitment
in sustainable architecture

From the selection of raw materials to processing techniques, to energy performance, our window systems are the conscious choice to reduce the environmental impact of residential and commercial buildings.


The green product

The EPD certification is being obtained for our systems. Choosing aluminium helping to reduce CO² emissions. is a lightweight metal, easy to carry with an infinite life cycle, recycled and recyclable. For this reason, Sinergy and DFX promote the use of extruded profiles from billets with low CO² with high recycled aluminium content, without sacrificing the quality of the finished product.

All the processes are present in our factories, extrusion, poweder coating, decoration and assembly of thermal break profiles, this allows us to have control over the entire production chain, to limit transport and the risks associated with the handling of goods.


methods of

Our factories use clean and renewable energy from two photovoltaic systems with a total power of 1.5 MW. To increase the level of energy efficiency, the plants are equipped with a series of advanced technical solutions, including a furnace for heating the billets which recovers the residual heat of the fumes, a press with an energy saving function, two automatic warehouses, a nitriding plant capable of reducing emissions and consumption, and cooling towers equipped with energy and water saving systems.


Energy efficiency

Even once installed, Sinergy windows continue their sustainable path reducing the environmental impact. In fact, thanks to their thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics, they contribute to significantly reduce heat loss from inside to outside, which translates into a reduction in energy consumption, costs and waste. In this way, our fixtures play a key role in promoting a culture based on responsible energy consumption.

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